Lo Mejor Del Heavy Metal Top 1000 – Parte 2 De 2



.Este es el mejor ranking de heavy metal de la historia tiene una calidad 320 kbps y esta formada por 20 partes dividida en dos post, esta es la segunda parte y la ultima.

Top 1000 – heavy metal Songs – PARTE 2 DE 2

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 11

Machine Head – Davidian
Behemoth – Antichristian Phenomenon
Cairo – Western Desert
Richie Kotzen – Squeeze Play
Mnemic – Illuminate
Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone
Sadist – Escogido
Pulse – Feels Like the First Time
Mats Morgan – Banned Again
Zero – Zerock
Gordian Knot – Some Brighter Thing
Spheric Univers Experience – Mental Torments
Threshold – Narcissus
Immolation – Fall from a High Place
Decrepit Birth – The Living Doorway
Metallica – Orion [Instrumental
Dreamtide – Live and Let Live
Attention Deficit – Fly Pelican, Fly
Al Di Meola – Elegant Gypsy Suite
Capharnaum – Perpetuate Catatonia
Freak Kitchen – Spanking Hour
Edguy – Rocket Ride
Michael Romeo – Masque of the Red Death
Nirvana – Come as You Are
Fates Warning – Nothing Left to Say
Poison – The Scream
Richie Kotzen & Greg Howe – Chase The Dragon
– Cross Collateral
Pagan’s Mind – God’s equation
Solefald – Fraternite de la Grande Lumiere
Explorers Club – Last Call
The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Änglagård – Sista Somrar
Magma – Piste 5
Blood Red Throne – Taste of God
Kyuss – Asteroid
The Flower Kings – Deaf, Numb & Blind
Anathema – Restless Oblivion
Porcupine Tree – The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 2
Royal Hunt – Step by Step
Dream Theater – The Ytsé Jam [Instrumental
Origin – Amoeba
Iron Maiden – Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.)
Pendragon – Not of This World: Not of This World, Pt. 1
King Diamond – The Invisible Guests
Tribal Tech – Face First
Brazen Abbot – Guilty as Sin
– Lets get rocked
MAGELLAN – Storms And Mutiny
Disarmonia Mundi – Red Clouds

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 12

Allan Holdsworth – Proto-Cosmos
Skyclad – History Lessens
Avalon – Children of War
Mind’s Eye – Poseidon Says
Don Caballero – I Agree… No!…. I Disagree
Rhapsody – Dargor, Shadowland Of The Black Mountain
Tactile Gemma – Heal
Pink Floyd – Money
The Tangent – A Place in the Queue
The Red Chord – Fixation on Plastics
Transatlantic – All of the Above: Full Moon Rising/October Winds/Camouflaged in Blue
Vanden Plas – Silently
Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering
Arsis – Oh, The Humanity
Skid Row – Get the Fuck Out
Rhapsody – Rage of Winter
Red Hot Chili Peppers – One Big Mob
Strapping Young Lad – Far Beyond Metal
Dweezil Zappa – Return of the Son of the Shoogagoogagunga
Grip Inc. – Portrait of Henry
Yngwie Malmsteen – Only the Strong
Candiria – Constant Velocity Is as Natural as Being at Rest
Ivanhoe – Who Will I Be
Morbid Angel – Dawn of the Angry
Marillion – White Russian
Ram-Zet – Queen
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Mellowship Slinky in B Major
Anorexia Nervosa – Codex-Veritas
Bozzio Levin Stevens – The Sun Road
A.C.T – Torn By A Phrase – Garden
Mahavishnu Orchestra – On the Way Home to Earth
Michael Lee Firkins – Space Crickets
Mr Bungle – 05 Ars Moriendi
Opeth – The Moor
IQ – Sacred Sound
Bon Jovi – In These Arms
Queensrÿche – Eyes of a Stranger
Carcass – Keep on Rotting in the Free World
Kamelot – Lost and Damned
Jonas Hellborg – Shawn Lane – Abstract Logic
Hybrid – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
In Vain – Det Rakner!
Pain of Salvation – In the Flesh
Kataklysm – Shivers of a New World
Pagan’s Mind – New World Order
Time Machine – Tears of Jerusalem
Rush – Cygnus X-1 Book II Hemispheres: Prelude/Apollo Bringer of Wisdom/Dion
Samael – Moongate
Buckethead – Jump Man
Bumblefoot – The Cactus Song

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 13

Within Temptation – Angels
Dying Fetus – Unadulterated Hatred
Fredrik Thordendal – The Beginning Of The End Of Ex
Planet X – Moonbabies
Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls
Sleep Terror – Androgynous Charade
Scott Henderson & Tribal Tech – Island City Shuttle
Jaded Heart – Heaven Is Falling
Genghis Tron – Board Up The House
Frogg Café – Space Dust
The Mars Volta – Cygnus….Vismund Cygnus: A. Sarcophagi, B. Umbilical Syllables, C. Facilis Descenus Averni, D. Con Safo
Kovenant – Bizarre Cosmic Industries
David Lee Roth – Shy Boy
Frank Zappa – Black Page, No. 2
T.McAlpine-B.Brunel-D.Chambers – Top Spin
Frank Gambale – Leave Ozone Alone
Immolation – The Struggle of Hope and Horror
Pain of Salvation – Revival
Dimension F3H – The 3rd Generation Armageddon
Arena – Solomon
Yes – The Gates of Delirium
Sieges Even – Where Our Shadows Sleep
Naked City – Thrash Jazz Assassin
Ice Age – The Blood of Ages
Trust – Antisocial
Skyclad – Penny Dreadful [Full Shilling Mix
Slipknot – Gematria (The Killing Name)
Hardline – Takin’ Me Down
Blind Guardian – Imaginations from the Other Side
August Burns Red – The Seventh Trumpet
Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City
Neuraxis – The Thin Line Between
Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son
The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Jesus and Tori
Steve Vai – Bledsoe Bluvd
King’s X – Moanjam
Slayer – SS-3
Jennifer Batten – Elephant Stomp
Blues Saraceno – Stinky Kitty
Russell Allen & Jorn Lande – The Revenge
Limbonic Art – Interstellar Overdrive
Communic – Waves of Visual Decay
Doug Aldrich – Face Down
Nightfall – Lesbian Show
Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill
Gentle Giant – Knots
Empty Tremor – Y2K
Oceansize – The Charm Offensive
Evanescence – Bring Me To Life
Lynch Mob – River Of Love

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 14

Arcturus – Nightmare Heaven
U Totem – The Judas Goat
Zero Hour – The Power to Believe
Vital Remains – Icons of Evil
The Quiet Room – Room 15
Death – Perennial Quest
Dinosaur Jr. – I Don’t Think So
Immortal – Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)
The Flower Kings – Rumble Fish Twist
Running Wild – Masquerade
Devin Townsend – Depth Charge
Converge – Fault and Fracture
Faith No More – The Gentle Art Of Making Enemi
Cinderella – Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)
Superior – Think
Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast
The Amenta – Zero
Porcupine Tree – Sentimental
King Crimson – One More Red Nightmare
Pak – Soft Jazz Intake Valve
…And Oceans – Picturesque: Cataclysm Savour: And the Little Things That Make Us …
Bad English – When I See You Smile
Univers Zero – Malaise
Superior – Terror Fantasy
The Ocean – Tonian
Hybrid Freak Division – Poon-Tang Twostep
Lords of Acid – The Crablouse
Iced Earth – The Coming Curse
Headline – Last Will
Spaced Out – Big Crunch
Jeff Beck – Air Blower
Blackstar – Smile
W.A.S.P. – Hold on to My Heart
Megadeth – Addicted to Chaos
The End – In Distress
Stone Temple Pilots – 06 – Naked sunday
Glass Hammer – Chronoverture
Royal Hunt – Surrender
Vince Neil – Look in Her Eyes
Giant – Innocent Days
Epica – Never enough
Saigon Kick – Feel the Same Way
KoRn – K@#Ø%!
Front Line Assembly – Mental Distortion
Aghora – Kali Yuga
Fantômas – 4-4-05
Impaled Nazarene – Punishment Is Absolute
Britny Fox – Long Way To Love
henry cow – Beginning The Long March
Steve Stevens – Small Arms Fire

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 15

Sentenced – The Trooper
Pendragon – A Man of Nomadic Traits
Metallica – The Frayed Ends of Sanity
Opeth – Deliverance
Planet X – King Of The Universe
Tourniquet – Erratic Palpitations of the Human Spirit
Transatlantic – Duel With the Devil: I. Motherless Children/II. Walk Away/III. Silence
Natron – Livid
Biomechanical – Enemy Within
August Burns Red – Redemption
AC/DC – Hells Bells
Kamelot – The Spell
Monstrosity – Shadow of Obliteration
Bon Jovi – Runaway
Monstrosity – Triumph In Black
Derek Sherinian – Rhapsody in Black
Brazen Abbot – Flyin’ Bird
Marilyn Manson –
Pestilence – Multiple Beings
Annihilator – Alison Hell
Jonas Hellborg – Art Metal
A.C.T. – Abandoned World
Samael – Promised Land
Psycroptic – The Isle Of Disenchantment
Warrant – Cherry Pie
Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal
Kiss – I Still Love You
Death – Scavenger of Human Sorrow
Planet X – King of the Universe
Septic Flesh – The Eldest Cosmonaut
Project Hate MCMXCIX – Dominate
Atrocity – Scorching Breath
Bang Tango –
Apocalyptica – The Unforgiven
Despised Icon – Furtive Monologue
Yes – Ritual – Nous Sommes du Soleil
– Love Bites
Naked City – Lonely Woman
Gentle Giant – Free Hand
Suffocation – Souls to Deny
Incantation – Scream Bloody Gore
Into Eternity – Buried in Oblivion
Hate Eternal – Hell Envenom
Ark – Mother Love
Dodheimsgard – Shiva Interfere
Fates Warning – Eye to Eye
Novact – Sharply Condemned
Pain of Salvation – Rope Ends
The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Imagine Nation Express
Uriah Heep – Gypsy

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 16

Skyclad – Great Blow for a Day Job
In Flames – Satellites and Astronauts
Spock’s Beard – Devil’s Got My Throat
King’s X – Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something
Niacin – Slapped Silly
Within Temptation – Deceiver of Fools
Immolation – Shadows in the Light
Aerosmith – Rag Doll
Bal-Sagoth – A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Age of Silence – Auditorium of Modern Movements
Sadus – No More
Poison – Valley of Lost Souls
Pride & Glory – Losin’ Your Mind
Stratovarius – Lord of the Wasteland
Enchant – Beautiful
Cryptopsy – Phobophile
White Lion – Let’s Get Crazy
Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
Univers Zero – Presage
Vitalij Kuprij – Divided World
Y&T – Summertime Girls
VA – Primal Fear-Black Sun
Saigon Kick – Love Is On The Way
Michael Schenker Group – Feels Like A Good Thing
Adagio – The Mirror Stage
Arcturus – Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
Suicidal Tendencies – Give It Revolution
Yearning – Statues Amidst a Frozen Sand of Time
Art Bears – MONKEYS
Rush –
VA – Grave Digger-Liar
Primordial – As Rome Burns
Conception – A Million Gods
VA – Requiem-Blinded
Colaiuta, Ford, Haslip – The Hong Kong Incident
Asphyx – Slaughtered in Sodom
Hanoi Rocks – Village Girl
Vince Neil – The Crawl
Diamond Head – Lightning to the Nations
Misanthrope – Hypochondrium Forces
Royal Hunt – Cold City Lights
Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Kataklysm – Centuries (Beneath the Dark Waters)
Filter – Welcome to the Fold
Magellan – Found
Danzig – Tired of Being Alive
Status Quo – In The Army Now
Naked City – Razorwire
Bathory – Blood on Ice

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 17

Metallica – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
System Of A Down – BYOB
Limbonic Art – When Mind and Flesh Departs
Jan Cyrka – Brief Encounter
Cannibal Corpse – Make Them Suffer
Pendragon – The Shadow
Carcass – Generation Hexed
David Lee Roth – I’m Just A Gigolo
Hoobastank – The Reason
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away
Agalloch – In the Shadow Of Our Pale Companion
Protest the Hero – Bone Marrow
Rush – YYZ
Planet X – Matrix Gate
Front Line Assembly – Lifeline
Edguy – King of Fools
Sadist – Pervesion Lust Orgasm
Hardline – Everything
Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home
Becoming the Archetype – Elegy: Deception/Lament /Triumph
Andy Tillison/David Jackson/Roine Stolt – Up-Hill from Here
Artension – Future World
Pagan’s Mind – Back To The Magic Of Childhood Part 2 – Exploring Life
Immortal – Tragedies Blows at Horizon
Gamma Ray – Heal Me
Arsis – Failing Winds Of Hopeless Greed
Blind Guardian – And Then There Was Silence
Devin Townsend – Regulator
Scarve – Asphyxiate
Ivanhoe – Irrigate Poisoning
Into the Moat – Battle-Spawned Lullabies
Kovenant – The Human Abstract
Turisas – To Holmgard and Beyond
Slayer – Skeletons of Society
Annihilator – The Fun Palace
Baroness – Isak
Gamma Ray – New World Order
Last Warning – Rules
Fishbone – In the Cube
Orphaned Land – The Kiss of Babylon (The Sins)
The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Catagory
Gentle Giant – Experience
Spektr – The Violent Stink of Twitching Terror
Diabolic – Spiritual Transition
Dokken – Unchain the Night
Loudblast – Taste Me
Suffocation – Suspended in Tribulation
Heavenly – Chapter Three: Fight for Deliverance
Tesla – Modern Day Cowboy

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 18

Children of Bodom – Red Light in My Eyes, Pt. 2
Symphorce – Fallen
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Van Damsel
VA – Stratovarius-Legions
Eldritch – The World Apart
Dying Fetus – Killing on Adrenaline
Redemption – Used to Be
Obituary – Slowly We Rot
Converge – Heartless
– You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again
King Diamond – At the Graves
War from a Harlots Mouth – Heeey…Let’s Start a Band!
Marillion – The Last Century for Man
Hericane Alice – Tear the House Down
Summoning – Nightshade Forests
Watchtower – Energetic Disassembly
Sybreed – Ego Bypass Generator
Anata – The Conductor’s Departure
Robby Valentine – Over and over again
Coroner – Semtex Revolution
Crown of Thorns – Breakthrough
Marduk – Glorification of the Black God
Harem Scarem – Honestly
Paradox – Rearrange the Past
Sylvan – Through My Eyes
Hypocrisy – Point of No Return
Art Zoyd – Firebirds
– Falling Into My Soul
Minus The Bear – Dr. L’Ling
Tourniquet – Where Moth and Rust Destroy
Living Colour – Cult of Personality
Ministry – Corrosion
Esoteric – Psychotropic Transagression
Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock
Suffocation – Translucent Patterns Of Delirium
Bad Moon Rising – Holywar
Landmarq – Narolvlya
Limbonic Art – The Dark Paranormal Calling
Poison the Well – Not Within Arms Length
Anathema – Radiance
Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder
Extol – A Structure of Souls
Alice Cooper – Schools Out
Maudlin of the Well – Gleam in Ranks
KoRn – Ball Tongue
D.A.D. – Sleeping My Day Away
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
Frontline – Another love
Lizzy Borden – Long Live Rock n Roll
Napalm Death – Dementia Access

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 19

Skid Row – Wasted Time
Gorgasm – Stitched Oral Asphyxia
Jan Cyrka – In Search Of Common Ground
Firehouse – Reach for the Sky
Trans Siberian Orchestra – Carol of the Bells
Carcass – Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment
Al di Meola – Alien Chase on Arabian Desert
Diamond Head – Run
Body Count – Ice-T/Freedom of Speech
Jorn – Out To Every Nation
Krisiun – Bloodcraft
Mahavishnu Orchestra – Trilogy/The Sunlit Path/La Mere de la Mer/Tommorow’s Story Not the Same
Nasum – Piste 5
Nevermore – No More Will
Isildurs Bane – The Adventure Of The Whirling
Kamelot – Memento Mori
David Lee Roth – It’s Showtime!
Enslaved – Blodhemn
Spock’s Beard – The Light
Great White – Step on You
Vesania – The Dawnfall (Hamartia and Hybris)
Sepultura – Territory
Allan Holdsworth – Above and Below
Ram-Zet – Enchanted
Shawn Lane – Piste 1
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe – Order of the Universe
Aleph – Mother of All Nightmares
– Photograph
Natron – Cozmic Autopsies
Europe – Dreamer
Psycroptic – Skin Coffin
Iced Earth – High Water Mark
Iced Earth – The Devil to Pay
Iced Earth – Hold at All Costs
Mayhem – A Bloodsword and a Colder Sun
Steve Morse Band – Brave New World
Hourglass – The Hammer’s Strike
Crimson Glory – Edge Of Forever
Dead Soul Tribe – Why?
Bal-Sagoth – Callisto Rising
Life of Agony – Lost at 22
Labyrinth – Freeman
Testament – Practice What You Preach
Rush – Tom Sawyer
At the Gates – The Red in the Sky Is Ours/The Season to Come
Circle of Soul – One Man’s Poison
Lacuna Coil – Heaven’s a Lie
Magellan – Counterpoints
Faith no more – Crack Hitler
Hamadryad – Amora Demonis

Top 1000 heavy metal Songs – PARTE 20

Aborted – Pestiferous Subterfuge
Redemption – Fall on You
Proto-Kaw – Quantum Leapfrog
Ava Inferi – The Dual Keys
Trauma – Imperfect Like A God
Naked City – Slaughterhouse/Chase Sequence
Mekong Delta – Night on a Bare Mountain
Alice Cooper – Lost in America
Ramones – Needles & Pins (Early Version)
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Sandbox Magician
Return to Forever – Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant, Pts. 1 & 2
Therapy? – Die Laughing
Nelson – After The Rain
Keep of Kalessin – The Rising Sign
Frank Zappa – RDNZL
Front Line Assembly – Paralysis
Into Eternity – Diagnosis Terminal
Kaipa – The Name Belongs to You
Rammstein – Reise, Reise
Aerosmith – Shut up and Dance
Anthrax – Invisible
Bill bruford – Piste 6
Pitchshifter – Track 2
Mekong Delta – Gnomus
Winger – Sans titre
Genesis – Can-Utility and the Coastliners
King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man (Including Mirrors)
Control Human Delete – Operation Genesis Reprise
Amorphis – Against Widows
Type O Negative – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
Deicide – Scars of the Crucifix
Anathema – Release
Extol – 26 Miles from Marathon
Heathen – Opiate of the Masses
Hughes Turner – You Can’t Stop Rock & Roll
Becoming The Archetype – Second Death
Entombed – Rotten Soil
Fleurety – Exterminators
Death Angel – 5 Steps Of Freedom
In Flames – Subterranean
CANNIBAL CORPSE – Dead Human Collection
Faxed Head – Chiropractic
Annihilator – I Am In Command
Cheap Trick – That 70’s Song [Based on “In the Street”
Naglfar – The Eclipse of Infernal Storms
Motörhead – Ace of Spades
Suicidal Tendencies – Human Guinea Pig
Demons & Wizards – Winter of Souls
ZS – Piste 2
– Gracias
Mayhem – A Bloodsword and a Colder Sun


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